Susan Cummings

Hand-crafted jewelry that is free-spirited. slightly bohemian with a sensual and sophisticated old world feel. elegant, yet sporty. intimate.

Jewelry collection is designed, and created locally and sold in Ojai and through specialty and lifestyle boutiques.

Free-spirited, slightly bohemian with a sensual and sophisticated old world feel. Elegant, yet sporty. Intimate. This is what you sense in the work by Susan Cummings. Personal. All traits that Susan likes to embody in her own life and in her own style. She strives for uniqueness.

Designing for over 30 years, Susan has had a rich and prolific career. Never taught to make conventional jewelry, she has explored many styles and forms but has found one constant in her designs; that of an organic and highly textural design context.

What would be expected from a person who finds the greatest satisfaction in the natural world.

Her preference is to work in a close and personal environment with her buyers or clients, enabling her to be involved in creating just the right collection of unique design. She loves to create a comfortable experience that allows you to feel this is somehow someone you have known your whole life.

Originally, a native of Connecticut, Susan has been living in Ojai, California for the past 21 years. She is a mother, a wife, an avid equestrian who is passionate about her home, vegetarian cooking, and all animals.