Ashley Berry

Heart-centered support for your healing journey. Private or Group Sessions. Whole-being healing through Holistic Health Coaching, Reiki, Breathwork, AromaTouch, Intuitive Card Readings, private sessions, gatherings, workshops, and events.

Hours: Monday to Sunday by Appointment

Ashley Berry is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and AromaTouch Practitioner as well as an Intuitive Card Reader and a Carrier of Council, trained by The Ojai Foundation.

She offers heart-centered healing sessions for individuals and groups seeking to create greater wellness in mind, body, and spirit, and her focus is on supporting her clients in cultivating their own inner wisdom. She utilizes active listening and reflection, body-based practices, and energy work in order to empower her clients to create lives full of alignment, authenticity, and radiant joy.

Those that work with Ashley will receive compassionate guidance and support around developing a deeper and more loving relationship with the Self, a powerful connection to their intuition, and simple, but effective self-care practices that restore and nourish the spirit.

Ashley is available for both private sessions as well as group gatherings, events, workshops, and retreats. To learn more about her offerings, please visit her website or contact her directly as she is always honored to connect with others whether they are just starting off on their healing journey or have years of self-work under their belt and are seeking some additional support along the way.