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Bakersfield Mist at “Ojai Art Center”

The scene is a kitschy, cramped mobile home in Bakersfield, California but the questions raised in the “Bakersfield Mist”, now playing at Ojai Art Center Theater, are Big and universal. What is Art? Who gets to decide that? In exploring them, this comedy of indignation and high stakes for the soul throws up further questions of class, education, truth, and humanity and the audience watches them being battled out with sass, sauce, wit, and pathos between two characters from two very different Americas.


Ojai Rises: Thinking Tall, Not Sprawl

The greenest city in the world, as defined by its per-capita carbon consumption, is New York City. How is it possible that this swarming island with 6 million people leaves such a small footprint?

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Interact Sends Six to College

Nordhoff’s Interact Club, came bearing baked goods to the Rotary Club of Ojai on April 20. They raised enough for the Kapadia Education Foundation to provide six scholarships for deserving students in Asia and Africa.

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China Adams “Energy as Art”

China Adams is combining her work as a masseuse & visual artist in an unusual way. She shared more about her process & inspiration in this brief interview.

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Through Ojai’s Dry Spell, Ideas Flow

Though the shadow of drought looms over Ojai, there was no drought of ideas at the Ojai Chautauqua’s second panel on water in the Ojai Valley on Sunday afternoon before a packed house at Matilija Auditorium.

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Ojai: Music Is In the Air -

Ojai: Farming and Cooking -

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Ventura County Emergency Dispatch (LIVE)

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