Creating your own reality, deliciously

By Veronica Larsson, Co-Creator Food Harmonics

The result of self-healing debilitating scoliosis, it’s been a 20-year professional journey of discovery, working with the human body, mind and spirit; through teaching yoga, food, training, retreats and healing in many countries. All this, only to find that, most surprisingly, Spirit pulls out of its imaginary sleeve the co-creation of an organic eatery in this town of Ojai!

We know that choosing organic and pure unprocessed foods may greatly impact one’s health and healing. Food deeply affects the physical body and all of its functions, as well as mental and emotional health. Choosing foods that heal, balance and nourish play a big part in experiencing health and even fulfillment.

And for all of the magnificent healing and transformation that I’ve witnessed take place over the years, the ‘creation’ of balanced, lasting health and vitality, beautiful relationships, new families, fulfilling jobs and careers, quality of life, coming HOME to oneself and truly being at peace… there seems to be these common denominators; the surrender of the idea of ‘I’ as being in control, the sincere prayer from the deepest place in one’s heart, and the full opening, feeling and receiving of the grace of life that is being given, even when that doesn’t look like ‘I’ want it to. (And that does not mean any form of abuse, just to be clear.)

There is a perfection inherent in this moment, and this… and the next, that is beyond comprehension. And it’s a remarkable thing, that even though we can name a concept ‘beyond comprehension,’ most of the time, we still pretend to actually comprehend, what that is! But of course the thing with something that is beyond comprehension is that it actually is…… BEYOND comprehension. This means it is not possible for the mind to actually grasp or comprehend. It is not a concept or an idea. It is beyond anything that ‘you’ can know. Which leads us onward.

The reason for pointing to this unspeakable Perfection, inherent in this moment of creation, the uncontrollable and irrepressible movement of nature itself, is because it is inherently whole, ceaseless; creation itself. Eternal and inexhaustible. Nature, as in that which creates earth, wind, water, fire and air, and everything made up of those elements, does not require healing. It simply is. And it doesn’t need ‘you’ to do, or not do, anything, to believe or not believe anything, in order to continue it’s inherent perfect and ceaseless being.
‘You’ as you refer to yourself, are entirely powerless to stop the next moment from occurring! So how much, really, are you creating your own reality? ‘Consciously’? Like, really really??

In this light, then, can we visit the notion of health and healing? Not a taking, making and doing. Not a constant grasping and controlling. But a willingness to hear the wholeness and perfection that right now is creating and breathing your body, mind, experience and entire reality, in the millisecond increments of each second: a simple humility before the perfect and intelligent health and healing that is already inherent in your very existence. It is truly so simple. Blink, and you miss it. And you know this, perfectly well. Yes, right here, close, in each breath.